Please have exact change or your ticket ready for the driver when boarding.

$3 for one way ride.

Riders can purchase multi ride punch tickets for $20 (10 one-way rides).

Senior tickets are $12 (for 10 rides). Seniors are those that are 60 years and older.

Student tickets are available at Talkeetna Elementary and at Su Valley High school for students involved in after school learning and sport activities at no cost to the student. Ask the principal.

Multi ride tickets are available at Talkeetna Roadhouse,  Flying Squirrel, the Clinic and also from the driver.


The cost for transportation to Wasilla on Monday-Friday is:

$15 Roundtrip

$10 Sunshine Pass (Persons 60+ or Disabled)

$10 Student pass Roundtrip

$8 One-Way Pass